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Looking for more resources to enhance your learning experience? Explore my curated collection of educational materials on Teachers Pay Teachers! From projects to interactive activities, find what you need to excel in your studies. All of the products I create are editable and used in my own classroom. Visit my TPT page now and unlock a world of educational possibilities. 

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Measurementopia: Build Your Own City - STEAM PBL

Build Your Own City Project-Based Learning! Students will work through a set of slides/booklet where they will work on designing and building their own city with a bridge. This can be used as a cross-curricular project to wrap-up the Measurement in Math, and Forces Acting on Structures unit in Science. Students will design and build a 3D city and create a functioning bridge that can withstand forces. Students can also create a brochure that highlights the most exciting elements of their city.

I used this product in my own class and not only was it amazing to see students apply their learning in a cross-curricular & hands on way, but they were talking about this for months after. It truly was a highlight of the year.

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Human Body Operation Board Game - Grade 5 Human Body Systems

A hands-on and super engaging project when learning about the Human Body and different Life Systems. Students will work in groups or on their own to build an Operation-style board game based off of a human organ system.

This package walks students and teachers through this project in step-by-step instructions. The included documents are completely editable, so you can adjust and adapt depending on your group of students.

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