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I treat students equitably and with respect and are sensitive to factors that influence individual student learning. I facilitate the development of students as contributing citizens of Canadian society.


​As an educator, I am very committed to my students. It is important to me to ensure that all my students know I care about them. This can be as simple as welcoming each student to the classroom in the morning, and saying good morning to each individual when doing attendance. By adding in individual connection into daily tasks I am able to better connect with my students. I am passionate about getting to know my students. I love to learn what their favourite sports are, what after school activities they participate in, and what their family pet is named. While maintaining professional boundaries, I can build healthy and supportive relationships with all of my students. As well, I believe that learning extends past the classroom, and can happen in the gym, outdoors, in assemblies or in clubs. For this reason, it is very important to me to be involved in the whole school community. In my practicum placements I have been an active member of the school community by leading a Board Game Club, and assisting with a Remembrance Day Assembly. Through this involvement, I love to see students learn new skills, and become passionate about new activities. ​


Remembrance Day Assembly Presentation (Click to access file)

Board Game Club Commitment Chart

Safe Space Contract


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