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DPA Dice Activity - Remote Learning Accessible

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Today I am sharing a fun and DIY Daily Physical Activity (DPA) Activity! This activity is perfect for remote learning DPA, COVID-19 classes where students have the space to spread out a bit, outdoor classes, and regular DPA classes. DPA Dice are a great way to have a fun and engaging DPA activity that kids are excited about! After I tried this activity with a grade 4 class once, they asked for it everyday! It was so fun to see them excited and working hard during DPA!

As per the Ontario Daily Physical Activity in Elementary Schools, Grade 1-8 Policy/Memorandum, students must have a minimum of twenty minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity each school day during instructional time. Moderate to vigorous activity means that students are getting their heart rate up, and are working considerably hard. I have spent a lot of time trying to find great DPA resources that students will find fun, but also meet the need of moderate to vigorous activity.

Let's talk about the dice!

To make your own DPA Dice here's what you'll need:

- Fibre kiln paper (I used white and then just painted each square, but feel free to used coloured paper)

- Paint (I used acrylic in yellow, turquoise, and black on one, and purple, blue and black on the other)

- Electrical Tape (You could totally use a strong glue, but I had coloured electrical tape on hand)

How to make:

- Start by painting each side of the side. A dice has 6 side, and I used 2 different colours which meant 3 sides per colour.

- Once the paint has dried, using black paint, mark on each side of the dice.

- Next, using a permanent marker, write on the movement and time frame (For example, lunges for 50 seconds corresponds to the 5 on the dice, jump rope for 40 seconds matches up with the 4 on the dice).

- Using electrical tape or glue, attach each side together ensuring that the painted sides are facing out words. Make sure to let them sit for a bit, especially if you are using glue!

Completed dice :)

Before we starting throwing the dice, I ran through each movement with my students to show them how to do each activity safely and so they knew what each one was. You can find the movements I used and what they look like on the pictures below. I would ask a new student each time to pick a dice and then they would throw it up in the air. Whatever side was facing up when they would catch it would be the movement they would do. This can be a great option for remote learning spaces! Instead of having the students throw the dice, you can, and then read out and show the students what side of the dice they will need to do.

Dice 1 Movements:

Dice 2 Movements:

Safety Considerations: Ensure all students have enough space to safely complete these movements without bumping into each other or any objects.

Have fun :)

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