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I promote and participate in the creation of collaborative, safe and supportive learning communities. I recognize my shared responsibilities and my leadership roles in order to facilitate student success. I will maintain and uphold the principles of the ethical standards in these learning communities.


​It is so important to me to build a safe and supportive learning environment for my students. I strive to build connections and relationships with all my students. As well, during lessons I create a space where students feel welcome. During the Daily Math Routine, this looks like all students getting the opportunity to answer questions, not just the students who always answer first. Instead of the traditional strategy of raising hands, I ask my students to simply give me a thumbs up once they know the answer. They do this subtly in front of their chest so that other students do not feel pressured to guess the answer or rush through their thinking. With this strategy, students who normally never answer in math are able to take the couple extra seconds they need and come up with fantastic answers. Using this strategy, and developing a Daily Math Routine that challenges students critical thinking creates an environment where students feel welcome to answer and comfortable making mistakes. ​


Daily Math Routine: Number Talk (Click to access file)

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